Some of the Services We Offer

Leadership Assessment and Development

A full assessment to develop skills, set goals and ultimately achieve results. We help individuals evolve their capabilities by expanding their leadership responsibilities, learn new skills and receive action-oriented feedback in a safe and constructive format.

Strategy Development
Specifically targeted to entrepreneurs who want to exponentially grow their businesses and create process and procedures at new and advanced levels.
Board Engagement and Development

An engaged board is cohesive and strategically focused - striving to collaborate in partnership with the chief executive. This includes partnering on fundraising, policy making and strategic planning. We help keep board members working between meetings and in sync with leadership.

Succession Planning

A process to develop internal candidates to assume key leadership positions as both a contingency plan and as preparation for expected departures. This is critical for organizations to avoid breaks in productivity and to avoid crises.

Marketing Strategy

Assist clients in developing value propositions to maximize the impact of your marketing budget. We work to find creative solutions that both increase short-term sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.