A TRIBE of successful, carefully-curated, hilarious, brilliant, generous, respectful women who support, connect and learn from each other with complete confidentiality.

There’s a great deal of satisfaction in running your company, your team, your initiative, your agenda, your world ... on your own. But there’s also a ton of isolation, loneliness and a deep desire to “run something by someone who gets it” and is of your caliber. I hear this in my coaching sessions from high-producing, high-potential, driven women all day long and I feel it too.

So I had an idea. What if I got a group of women together, who I privately and carefully selected, and we created a cohort of support, wisdom, power for good vs. evil, laughter, ideas and frankly—LOVE?

Not very “business-y” to say it- but it IS my idea!


Connect live once a month (for 10 months - we take July/August off) via Zoom. Our calls will be recorded and yours to listen to at your convenience. But try to be there!


Access to private Compagna Circle FB page so we can stay connected and remind us that we are sane!


Special guest speakers will enhance the programming based on topics/themes.


Receive two 1:1 private, one-hour coaching sessions via phone with Jeannie Esti.
Session 1: in the beginning to set your intention.
Session 2: around the mid-point to secure the outcome.


A full day retreat on Nantucket in the Fall 2020 filled with surprises!

Accommodations & Travel not included

A monthly coaching module will cover important topics we, as women CEO's, are constantly navigating.

We will create some documented follow-up on the topics that we will post in our private Facebook group so you can review and explore what comes up for you around these topics.

Additionally, Jeannie will moderate an interview with someone at your appropriate level who has done this with great consideration, risk, and success. We will have an open and confidential conversation about what this was really like and how this was navigated to create the desired outcome.

Monthly Discussion Examples

  • Mine To Align: The challenges of mining a conversation to take emotion OUT of it.
  • Running On Empty: How to know when our warning light goes on and take action!
  • Career Transitioning: Wanting a 2.0 or 3.0 version of our career paths and how to create a map to get there.
  • The Bullshit Of Balance: The train we all wait for that never comes.
  • And more!