Jeannie’s guidance and no-nonsense style has dramatically shaped my business and more importantly shaped me as a business owner. Her ability to see through the clutter and zoom in on what will push you to the next level is invaluable. She is a kind of "co-pilot" who allows you to fly the plane and take command ... but is there to adjust just in case you go off course. Without her help I would have never enjoyed the growth and expansion of my business. She has given me the tools to do more than I knew I could and the vision to grow my company without limits.

Jeannie has made all the difference in the world for my partner and I. She's improved the way we communicate, the way we think and the way we interact on a daily basis. Her presence is like the angel on our shoulders from old cartoons and allows us to work through daily challenges with that ever present advice. Our business, and our lives, have improved markedly as a result of Jeanne.


After two decades of unsuccessfully battling over commitment issues at work, I followed a friend’s advice and called Jeannie. I was sure all I needed was a better time management system. What I got was infinitely better — a new perspective on what matters most in life. Jeannie helped me radically change my approach to everything, and I’ve never been happier.


There are not enough words to describe the impact Jeannie's leadership coaching has had on my career. There are two distinct professional arenas that she was integral in helping me articulate and navigate a path forward. I have long since held a deep desire to bring my network of women leaders in impact together in activating around poverty alleviation in Washington, DC. With Jeannie's insight and experience, she was able to challenge aspects of my new venture that would ultimately become mere distractions to launching successfully and helped me focus on the critical elements that would lead to success. ... The other part of my life that Jeannie was integral in helping me navigate was ensuring that my vision and leadership voice didn't get lost in the midst of a corporate restructuring and ownership change. She helped me think through how I could position that value that I add to the organizations through the critical financial planning work and relationship building that I offer. I continue to be amazed by the wisdom and depth of expertise that Jeannie brings across a wide variety of industries. I consider Jeannie as my first 'go-to' resource for any leadership and workplace challenge as I can't say enough about the value of outside objective coaching.


I had the pleasure of working with Jeannie Esti on an executive summit earlier this year. Her innovative approach to designing and facilitating the summit was a tremendous asset and I am forever grateful for the time she devoted to our team. Jeannie spent time getting to know our organization and team prior to the summit and was able to develop a curriculum for our two day event that met our specific objectives. The work we did at the summit helped bond and strengthen our team in unexpected ways. It also laid the foundation for work we continue to do.

I cannot thank Jeannie enough for her partnership and commitment. My experience at the summit will always make me smile. She was fully present for us and she made sure we were fully present for one another. Jeannie is a smart, talented and creative. She is also great fun and she cares deeply about her clients. Jeannie offers wise counsel and I truly appreciated our time together.