Build a Bridge

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Not sure about all of you but “Living from Work” vs. “Working from Home” is making that carrot car from last month’s session tough to stay out of these days. I’m working the muscle daily around “more is just more” so I learned a lot from our conversation as well about reestablishing my “Why” and also looking at the “What’s” and “How’s”. I’m so grateful to all of you for putting it out there.

Our next group will be discussing about whatever YOU like but one topic you wrote to me about was something near and dear to my heart, especially for all you entrepreneurs out there — the challenge of building the bridge while crossing the river. Or “flying the plane while building the plane”—another favorite.

Looking at where Reaction/Creation (who use the same letters) are in challenge is a great start. Where does someone else’s urgency become your urgency and derail us. Take us off course to with the agenda we set for the day, month, year. Having a clear vision of where we want to go makes it a lot easier to get there but we need to turn off some of the attraction to distraction. I’m keeping 3M in business with my multi-colored Post-It notes and until my notes are removed I don’t let myself come off my plan unless it’s a true four alarm fire. At a time where chaos is the common stance we can all work to practice our “no’s” and “not nows” so we get to really be in our “YES!”. I know this is work I’m doing more and more each day. What can you say “No!” to to open up a “Yes” to something in your business?

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