Fear Will Always Be in the Car

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If you have spent more than 20 minutes with me you’ve heard me use this phrase: “Fear will ALWAYS be in the car. Always! But don’t let him drive and don’t give him a sandwich!” We need to feed JOY, ADVENTURE, SUCCESS, FUN. We definitely give FUN a sandwich! Because we want to map our lives from what we WANT!

I’m not suggesting we starve poor, noisy Fear because we need him to tell us when we are in real danger but he is a loud mouth and he tends to want to map the route into the Unknown. Now way, Jose! The second you try something new, considering changing jobs, expanding your company, taking a financial risk, doing something “off plan” that SOB Fear is going to act like a two-year-old in a car seat in a stinky diaper wailing for an Oreo. (I have mental duress from this experience with my nephew). Pop him a Hydrox (the Oreo wannabe) and keeping singing showtunes!

So bring some shit you’re afraid of on Tuesday and so will I! We are much better in a caravan ala “Nomadland” than we are driving alone listening to that noisy beast.

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