The Carrot Chaser

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This cartoon, created by Jenifer Novak Landers, is such a favorite of mine. I spent much of my early career looking for “the carrot”. Whether it was a title, a financial mile-marker, a promotion, a big account or prestigious assignment, a relationship … I chased A LOT of carrots. Often ignoring or simply minimizing the bushels of carrots I had right in front of me.

As a recovering “carrot chaser”, one of the things I like best about convening each month is that we will be together to keep each other in check. To monitor our own internal carrot-chasing engines and make certain they don’t overheat or get stuck in the muck. We will know we are choosing what we want from positions of strength and clarity. And when we decide to make those important, centered decisions, we will be there to support each other all the way.

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